Action area: Artisan app

Type of project: ITA-led

Priority areas: Improve information flows and data; and Share learning to drive continuous improvement

Artisan is a state-of-the-art mobile phone app and web console developed by BRANZ in consultation with the building and construction industry, which aims to streamline the residential building inspection process.

The concept arose out of a strategic review of BRANZ appraisal systems where it was discovered that build teams did not have or use an effective quality control assurance process.The BCA building inspection process was considered by many builders to be the quality assurance process, which is not what it was designed for.

BRANZ’s ambition was to develop a digital solution that could see, assess, verify and record each step in the residential build process, and was accessible to all involved across the build process.

Artisan provides a workflow to capture real-time photographic evidence of the quality of work for critical elements of a build, corresponding to the stage checks undertaken by BCAs. 

Artisan solves several issues in the industry and enables many benefits to be experienced:

  • It provides a near real-time access to what has been done on site
  • It creates an enduring record of the build work and quality
  • It reduces the time to build by speeding up inspections
  • It allows BCAs to redeploy resources to focus on the “problem areas”
  • Provides evidence-based learning
  • Improves risk management

The overall outcome is improved quality and speed of the inspection process, resulting in real productivity gains for the industry. Artisan has been a key project for the ITA.

Successful first stage rollout of Artisan 1.0

Tauranga City Council and Auckland Council have both been using the Artisan app since the end of 2018. They carefully selected build projects and worked with build companies such as G.J.Gardner., Classic Builders, and Jennian to implement the technology. By phasing the rollout of the technology with these organisations, BRANZ has been able to constructively work out a way to support the uptake of Artisan in a way that was manageable for everyone. Feedback has been collated and analysed, learning resources tweaked, and on-site training provided where needed.

The feedback we have had so far has been overwhelmingly positive. 

Watch this video to see what councils and builders have to say about their experience using Artisan.

Artisan Video 2 - Update May 2019

How to find out more

Any councils who are interested in implementing Artisan can email to find out more.

The future of Artisan

BRANZ envisions there will be a myriad of future uses for Artisan, for example, in the insurance and finance sectors.

While the project is being led by BRANZ, the ITA is staying in touch with the project team to offer support as needed.