Leading transformation

Our goal is to build a cohort of leaders passionate about driving and supporting transformational change across the building and construction sector.

As the Industry Transformation Agenda takes a systems approach to the unprecedented risks and opportunities the industry faces, it will require more systemic leaders committed to leading teams, companies, organisations, industries, communities and overall systems through transformative change.

The ITA seeks to offer a space for all industry leaders to engage, collaborate, explore and contribute to leading transformation. Events and opportunities include: 

  • sharing experiences and ideas that help build knowledge and capability about leading transformation
  • connecting CEOs engaged in industry transformation with opportunities to collaborate, inspire, learn from and inform each other
  • fostering the culture of collaboration and innovation across the sector
  • providing opportunities to explore new perspectives and insights, including engaging with transformation leaders from other sectors in New Zealand
  • building a cache of relevant resources with input from transformation leaders

Industry transformation calls for leaders from all corners of the building and construction sector to actively contribute to achieving transformative change. You too can get involved. Get in touch.

If we want the people of New Zealand to have the best building environment imaginable, then we must keep pushing the boundaries of our knowledge, expertise, commitment and courage.

Chelydra Percy, Chief Executive BRANZ