Construction Sector Accord launched

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18 April 2019

Government and industry leaders in partnership recently announced the Construction Sector Accord. The signatories who support the Accord comprise of a team of ministers and sector leaders who have pledged to:

  • Hold themselves and each other accountable to the Accord and challenge contrary behaviour
  • Work together to develop a plan for change that has collective intent
  • Work differently to build a stronger partnership between government and industry
  • Promote the Accord and encourage others to commit to it
  • Engage regularly to discuss and report on progress.

As Peter Reidy, Chair of the Accord Development Group said, in the past, government, construction industry and its’ clients have behaved in a way that has created systematic problems that have had a negative impact on everyone. The Accord seeks to address these issues and improve behaviours, boost confidence in the industry and enhance outcomes for all concerned.

The Accord and the Industry Transformation Agenda are very well aligned. The partnerships emerging in the industry through the Accord will strengthen the effectiveness of the ITA. As the next phase of the Accord is implemented the ITA will support it by providing a platform for industry players committed to long term transformation in priority areas.

BRANZ CEO, and ITA Champion Chelydra Percy said, “A partnering approach between government, industry and clients will prove essential in creating sustainable change. The Accord is complementary to the Industry Transformation Agenda and we look forward to continuing to work with leadership across the sector and government on progressing positive change. This will lead to the attributes of the industry we are all striving to achieve – one that is agile, resilient, recognised for quality and efficiency, and fit for the 21st century and beyond.”

Find out more details about the Accord.