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Chelydra Percy, CEO of BRANZ, provided an update of the ITA, one year on from its launch, at Constructive18, the annual industry forum run by Registered Master Builders in August 2018.

August 2018

She also challenged the industry to continue the strategically important, long haul work of industry transformation and called on industry players to participate.

“Transformation is critical. Our industry drives choices about how we will live in the future. Our industry has the challenge to not just  transform itself- but to help  transform the way New Zealand and our people live and thrive," she said.

Priorities for the next 12 months include continuing discussions with groups to ensure a more client-led focus on transformative change, progressing work started on risk and skills, and piloting ARTISAN with BCAs in October. Conversations with leaders will also continue as the industry works together to address not just local problems but system wide global challenges such as material shortages, climate change and waste reduction targets.

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