What is the role of clients in transformation?

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13 December 2018

Mark Farmer, author of Modernise or Die said: “This journey to transformation needs the industry’s key clients to be part of the solution … unless existing clients begin to vote with their feet and force a different way, the stimulus for change is absent.”

During Mark Farmer’s visit to New Zealand earlier this year, industry leaders concluded there was an opportunity to develop a fourth major player for an effective industry transformation framework – Clients.

The ITA framework, adapted from one developed by the World Economic Forum, identifies 30 opportunities for transforming New Zealand’s building and construction industry. These are currently based on active collaboration between three key players - companies, the industry as a sector, and government.

To help understand the role of clients in transformation, the ITA has been consulting with interested parties such as the Construction Clients’ Group of Constructing Excellence. These discussions are confirming that the voice of clients will be pivotal in demanding and driving transformative change across the industry in New Zealand.

Client opportunities

So far, opportunities identified for clients to contribute to transformation cover three broad areas:

  • risk and reward are key concepts, integral to success and failure
  • trust and cooperation are critical for sustained success
  • distrust and obstruction inhibit good risk management and the distribution of rewards.
  • appreciation of needs is central to establishing value
  • positive and constructive communication is essential
  • focus on value outcomes over methods and materials.
  • outcomes give purpose and meaning to end-user investment
  • the industry converts resources into outcomes in response to end-user needs
  • end-users reconcile outcomes with value earned per unit of cost invested.

Your perspectives?

We are interested in hearing how you are exploring this area and invite you to join the discussion on the ITA Group page on Linked-In, to share your ideas. 

It is well recognised and talked about across the industry that a step change is required to lift performance, boost productivity and embrace new technology and thinking across the sector.

This will require strong leadership and collaboration across all elements of the sector, including client groups who have a pivotal role in setting expectations and facilitating the sector's transformation.

Ian Wheeler, Chair, Construction Clients Group, Auckland