Share learning to drive continuous improvement

The building and construction industry is aware that collaboration and competition could and should co-exist, and everyone has a role to play in learning. We need to identify the steps, technology and innovations required to get there. Sharing best practice knowledge will drive continuous improvement across the sector.


Sharing industry knowledge and collaborating on new innovations and system improvements will help accelerate the use of best practice across building and construction. This priority area, which is the broadest in terms of its range, looks at how to:

  • Shift industry culture so collaboration is seen as a win:win:win rather than ‘helping the competition’
  • Speed up the adoption of existing best practice across the industry
  • Introduce 'whole-of-life' design, including building operation and management
  • Learn from the successes and failures of others nationally and internationally
  • Support thought leadership and action across the value chain
  • Accelerate understanding of regulatory changes
  • Help SMEs to lift their capabilities and performance

Measuring success

We want to achieve the following shifts:

  • Technology is introduced across the industry to manage large volumes of data in real time
  • All of industry has access to the best practice information when, where and how they need it
  • Best practice is adopted as a result of accessible information
  • Miscommunication reduces
  • Collaboration and healthy competition co-exist