Behind the Seen workshop 2015

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An early ingredient into the Industry Transformation Agenda took place back in October 2015 when BRANZ brought together 25 thought leaders from around New Zealand for a special event.

They were immersed in a day of very different thinking about New Zealand’s construction industry, working as ‘stage crew’ on a production about the future – Behind the Seen, Project X – at Q Theatre in Auckland.

Participants shared their energy, ideas and insights as they grappled heroically with what the industry’s future might look like and how the industry could be transformed. Their influence will continue to be felt as the Industry Transformation Agenda is progressed.

Key takeaways from the event included calls for:

  • More opportunities to connect and explore big industry challenges collaboratively
  • Opportunities to identify alternative business models across the building sector
  • A sector wide vision for the delivery of quality housing for New Zealand
  • More diversity of perspectives at the industry discussion tables
  • Greater understanding of customers and communities
  • A way forward to drive system-wide change.

A small number of workshops in 2016 developed more initial thinking on system-wide change and industry transformation. A commitment to support much greater joined-up thinking across the sector was undertaken by BRANZ. This was ultimately realised with the launch of the Industry Transformation Agenda in 2017.

Capturing some of the day's activities